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from £45

Hourly rates are perfect for those ad-hoc jobs or when you want to have some support for a few hours per month.


There is no membership fee or cancellation charges; you simply pay for the hours you use. Perfect for when you have a busy spell and need to clear the to-do list.


Our time is rounded to the nearest five minutes, and we will give you a time report with a full breakdown with each invoice.

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Project rates give you great value. Once agreed, you know you will have a set fee to complete your project fully.

This is ideal for project/property management, staff sourcing, event management, changing service providers, to bring your bills down or any other management requests that can be planned through to execution, with a clear cost agreed before starting.



A retainer will give you a minimum of 10 hours each month of priority support service, guaranteeing our time whenever you need it. This service is the perfect choice if you know you would like a set amount of hours each month.

We're Powered by Toggl

At Studer Martinez it's important we operate with total transparency with all of our clients. We are proud to be powered by Toggl, one of the market's leading time tracker provider.

We track all our time spent completing each task/project and we provide a daily report, which is then attached to each invoice. The application is very valuable when working with new clients, as we build trust and working experience. Our clients are fans and so are we!

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